Programme of Russian Music

Audience participation in this programme is usually spontaneous.
Not only do I entertain my audience with Folk songs such as

 Dark Eyes,
 Two Guitars
 Song Of The Volga Boatmen,  
 Stenka Rasin
 Those Were The Days

but also introduce the Best Examples of Klezmer Music and contemporary numbers by modern composers such as

 Lara's Theme from "Doctor Zhivago" by Morris Jarre
 Harry Lime's Theme from "The Third Man" by Antony Karas
 Moscow Nights by Solovyof-Sedoy ... etc.

East European

East European - Slavonic Music

This programme includes wonderful samples of Klezmer Music as well as many favourite tunes from

 The Ukraine
 Romania ... etc.

This production, which is rich in music and singing, attracts audiences with it's emotion and colour and the wide use of old and contemporary European Gypsy Folklore.

Serge Singing